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It has been reported recently on television and several times in various newspapers that celebrities such as Cate Blanchett and Oprah Windfrey are using emu oil in their skin care regime and singing its praises. There are many compelling reasons  for Emu Oil's  growing popularity and you need only try it for a few weeks to tell for yourself how effective our emu oil creams are.  


Rich in powerful anti-oxidants vitamin A & Vitamin E emu oil is classified as a super carrier oil for it's ability to easily penetrate the dermal layers and carry the lotions vital ingredients :vitamins, minerals and humectants deep into the skin.   Furthermore emu oil has been shown to repair skin and stimulate cell renewal.  An interesting study on emu oil was published in the journal "Plastic and Re-constructive Surgery", in 1998 (1), and showed that when an emu oil lotion is applied to a wound, 24 hours after it's initial occurence, it promotes a nearly two fold promotion of wound contraction, epitheliazation, and infiltration of organized granulation tissue (indication for skin healing).  Skin actually thickens thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles and promoting better skin resilience in skin that naturally becomes thinner and more fragile as we age.  

Our Moisturising Skin Repair Cream is perfect for the face, hands and body.  It feels rich but it never leaves a greasy residue.  It can be used intensively like a cold cream on heels and windburned skin and you will be amazed how it penetrates into the skin even when you layer it on thickly.  

Available in 225g pumps or pots or 100g tubes.  

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Moisturising Skin Repair Cream

Moisturising Skin Repair Cream Only Emu Moisturising Skin Repair Cream for sensitive skin.... more ...


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Welcome to Only Emu Products

We would like to thank all of our loyal customers who keep coming back time after time and welcome new ones with our great offers.   If you have never tried Only Emu Oil products then try them now with our *free delivery in Australia and New Zealand (*Conditions Apply)

Emu oil is a 100% natural remedy that has been used in Aboriginal medicine for centuries.  The oil has now become famous around the Globe for its powerful soothing properties and its popularity as one of the most effective natural anti-inflammatory products available is growing quickly.  

Only Emu brings you 100% pharmaceutical grade  emu oil and emu oil capsules which provide proven temporary relief of joint and muscular pain from inflammatory conditions caused by arthritis, injury or degeneration.  Emu oil is naturally high in Omega 3, 6 and 9, Oleic acid (for skin repair) and Linolenic acid (which is anti-inflammatory) and contains high levels of Vitamin K2 also known as the X Factor.  Our products can be used by Psoriasis and Eczema suffers and for people with dry and irritated skin.  It is also being used for a variety of other inflammation-associated conditions.  

Emu oil is great for children and those with super sensitive skin.  Try out our emu oil soaps and skin care products which are gentle, soothing and effective.   

If you have never tried emu oil before check out our specials for great savings and an opportunity to try out a selection of carefully chosen products.      



  • Our products are made from superior Emu OIl which is pharmaceutical grade and 100% pure.  You can feel the difference;
  • Our oils are produced from only licensed, certified Emu farmers in Australia;
  • Our emu oil products are 100% owned and 100% manufactured in Australia adhering to all Australian Standards and Regulations;
  • Our oil and capsules are listed with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration as Medicines.


General Review

General ReviewThis is the ONE thing that works with my daughters Eczema. I tried many, many different creams and ointments, some prescribed and some from the pharmacy shelf. I wish I had found this years ago. Initially my daughter refused to put the oil on. Now she just advised me that I better order some more as she is almost out! Best product ever.
Nicola McLeod
Tuesday 15 December, 2015
5 of 5 Stars!

General Review

General ReviewMoisturising Skin Repair Cream is the only cream I have found that actually works, I apply twice a day to my arms and legs and no longer have flaky dry skin. Thank you from Pam McLeod, NZ
Pam @_McLeod
Monday 02 March, 2015
5 of 5 Stars!

General Review

General ReviewI just wanted to thank you for your fantastic products. I'm 64 years old and have tried various expensive products over the last 40 years to keep my 'good looks' but with little effect as the fine lines and wrinkles still developed and worsened with age! _br /_
My fantastic news is that I am now onto my second Only Emu Moisturising Skin Repair cream which I have used on my face and neck twice a day. I'm truly amazed that the fine lines are almost gone and the deeper wrinkles appear less noticeable! Hooray! My skin feels plumper and less dry too. _br /_
I have also used the Pure Emu Oil when my husband's lower back gets painful and it has help tremendously._br /_
With many thanks_br /_
Margaret Darby
Saturday 13 December, 2014
5 of 5 Stars!

General Review

General ReviewThank you very much for your fantastic service and great product.Looking forward to my next purchase from you.
Giti Shateri
Friday 05 April, 2013
5 of 5 Stars!

General Review

General Reviewvery impressed with your super fast delivery. I ordered online on Wednesday morning (for my mother) and the package arrived in Melbourne this morning. :) She had only ordered some the week before but couldn't resist your special offer this week. :) She raves about the stuff, even her podiatrist is impressed. :)

Michelle - we try to put ourselves in our customers shoes, you've liked it, you've ordered it, you really should have it straight away. It's so nice to get nice feedback :-)
Michelle Harvey
Tuesday 04 September, 2012
5 of 5 Stars!

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