Emu Oil For Your Skin

Studies have shown that emu oil has great moisturizing and skin penetration properties (1) but it is the anti-inflammatory properties of emu oil that are of most interest to people with problem skin.  Previous studies have demonstrated the anti-inflammatory effects of emu oil on a variety of ailments (2 - 4) and specifically its effectiveness at reducing inflammation of the skin (5).  Skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis are all associated with inflammation of the skin.  The anti-inflammatory properties of emu oil may help fight these conditions while the moisturizing properties may provide relief from the symptoms.

The skin healing properties of emu oil have also been demonstrated in studies on wound healing (6) and burns caused by both hot water and fire (3) all of which showed that these different types of damage to the skin were markedly improved by treatment with emu oil.  Emu oil has been used in traditional medicine by Aborigines to reduce inflammation associated with a number of different conditions (7) whereby the emu skin, with subcutaneous fat still attached, was worn over the affected area to provide relief.  Emu oils are not all equal.  Only Emu 100% Pure Emu Oil is Pharmaceutical Grade oil and as our regular customers know it is the best on the market.


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What customers have said about using emu oil on skin


"Over the past 7-8 years I have suffered very bad dermatitis.  Since using your product this has completely disappeared."


Michelle Watter, Deception Bay, Qld
 "A friend ....bought some of your emu oil....for her skin irritation and it is clearing up already (after only 2 days).

 Jennifer Carter, Collaroy Plateau, NSW
 " My husband had a large skin graft on his thumb which became infected, so with the use of sunlight and emu oil, we cured it.”    J.E. Godfrey,  Palmwoods, Qld

" I love Only Emu Moisturising Skin Repair Cream...Wonderful on Scalp Psoriasis.”    
Mrs B. Evans,   Bendigo VIC
"It has cleaned our little boy's eczema up.  We have tried everything, and this is the only thing that has worked."Jody Davies,  Tamworth,  NSW