Crystal Rock Deodorant

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Crystal Rock Deodorant is a naturally occurring mineral salt which has been used for thousands of years to control body odour.  Crystal Rock is a 100% natural crystaline substance that contains NO Aluminium Chlorohydrate, NO Aluminium Zirconium, NO Pthalates and NO Parabens.  Only Emu's Crystal Rock Deodorant will not block the pores like anti-perspirants but allow the body to perspire naturally without the odour.

Only Emu's Crystal Rock Deodorants contain no harmful chemicals, 
no perfumes and will not stain your clothes.  The deodorant is water soluble and when the stick is moistened or used on wet skin, it leaves apH neutral film of the mineral salts on the skin, which inhibits bacterial growth the most common cause of body odour.  The film of mineral salts is not absorbed into the skin and will give hours of natural protection.  The crystal stick may be used for many other applications, including mouth ulcers, cold sores, fungal complaints, tinea, dermatitis, minor cuts, abrasions and for relief from itchy insect bites.  Completely natural, hypoallergenic, cruelty free, environmentally safe and fragrance free so it won’t clash with your favourite perfume or fragrance.  

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