Natural Insect Repelling Soap 120g

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If you are one of those people that gets eaten by mozzies each summer, you will love this natural insect repelling soap.  A safe, gentle and natural formulation designed to prevent insect bites without resorting to insecticidal sprays.  You can simply use this product in the shower.  Lather up the soap around the ankles and exposed area where you are likely to get bitten.   The natural essential oils are washed onto the skin and hair and carried into the pores assisted by the unique properties of emu oil.  These oils continue to emit small amounts of vapour from your skin to repel mosquitos as your skin warms up.  It's absolutely perfect for evening runners and for campers or at home if you are having a barbecue and don't wish to be the main course.  

This beautifully fragrant soap repels mozzies for hours without resorting to sticky, unpleasant insect sprays and lotions.  You feel clean, you smell good, and you are no longer an aperitif for insects.  Lasts wash after wash so extremely economical and can be used by the whole family.

Active Ingredients

  • Citronella Essential Oil
  • Neem Seed Oil
  • Emu Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil &
  • Penny Royal

Gentle, nice fragrance and non greasy.  Freedom from Mozzies no mess, no fuss.  Its all natural and perfect for children who will love to use it, and so will you.