Arthritis Joint and Muscle Pain

Emu Oil is recommended for the relief of  arthritis and muscular aches and pains.  Previous studies have demonstrated the anti-inflammatory effects of emu oil on a variety of ailments and shown that it may reduce the swelling and inflammation and increase joint mobility (1 - 4).  Emu oil also has the ability to readily cross the skin barrier so that when it is rubbed into sore muscles and joints the anti-inflammatory factors in the oil rapidly reach the targeted areas.  This ability to permeate the skin also enables it to "carry" other ingredients with it so that when it is used in combination with ingredients such as Wintergreen, Capsicum Oleoresin, Tea Tree oil and Menthol the result is a potent muscle and joint pain relief formulation that we call Red Hot Chilli Rub.

Emu oil has been used in traditional medicine by Aborigines to reduce inflammation associated with a number of different conditions (5) whereby the emu skin, with subcutaneous fat still attached, was worn over the affected area to provide relief.  Emu oils are not all equal.  Only Emu 100% Pure Emu Oil is  superior Pharmaceutical Grade oil produced to exact Australian Standards.  Emu Oil can be used topically (rubbed into the skin) or taken as a daily supplement in Capsule form.