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Only Emu Pure Emu Oil is a wonderful supplement for animals and makes a valuable addition to your animal medicine chest.   

May be used topically for effective and soothing relief for flea allergies, Mange, Eczema and Queensland Itch.  Rubbed in it soothe, moisturises and conditions dry cracked and irritated skin and can assist is healing up bald patches and allowing hair to regrow. 

It can be used on wounds and has bacteriostatic properties to assist in avoiding infection and reducing proud flesh.  It's anti-inflammatory properties will calm and reduce swelling and itch associated with allergy or irritations.

Used as a supplement it helps with age associated arthritic pain and joint swelling and help achieve better mobility and comfort.  Users also report more resilient skin and glossy coats with regular use which makes it great for show animals.   

  • Effective on flea allergies, Mange, Eczema or Queensland Itch
  • Soothes, moisturises and conditions dry and flaking skin
  • Promotes hair growth
  • Ideal for Show animals
  • Keeps wounds cleaner, minimising risk of infection
  • Reduces proud flesh
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation, stiffness and pain in muscles, joint and tendon injuries

See Also Pure Emu Oil Capsules which are a convenient way to give your pet a daily supplement  **TIP -When starting using capsules simply pierce the gel capsule and squeeze a little out.  Most animals adore the taste so once they recognise what is in the capsule they will take and chew them willingly without having to pierce them.  Alternatively spoon the oil over food.

We supply the same pure pharmaceutical grade emu oil  for your pets as we do to our human clients to ensure that your pets get the best results.  

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