Queensland Itch Pack

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Relieve your dogs itching

We have been getting great feedback about how this combination brings relief to incessant overnight scratching.  The anti-inflammatory emu oil can be rubbed into the affective area before bed to dampen down the allergic inflammatory reaction that might be causing the problem.  

Combine this with our Insect repelling Pet Soap which will sooth your pet's skin leaving essential and emu oil to protect against environmental irritants including fleas and other insects.  It's a winning combination at a discounted price.

This pack contains 100ml of Pure Emu OIl and 1 Natural Moisturising Pet Soap 125g

"Just wanted to let you know that the Emu oil worked. Bronson didn't scratch all night. First night in months. I'm pretty chuffed! " Jayne, Burpengary Qld

If your pet pooch is scratching all night for no particular reason try our Queensland Itch package to bring it some relief.  

We use only superior pharmaceutical grade emu oil in all of our products.

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